There is a great deal of competition among mortgage brokers. As someone who works in this profession, you must put your best foot forward every time you engage with a current or potential client. If you fail to impress, there is always another mortgage broker who would be happy to step into your shoes.

Your Look is Your Calling Card

The first thing that clients see is your look. Fair or not, you will be judged by how you present yourself. It isn’t about being attractive or not; it’s about presenting yourself as a well-groomed professional.

How you care for yourself reflects on how you care for the things you are responsible for, the most notable of which is your work.

Acquire a Set of Professional Bio Images

First off, enlist the services of a professional portrait photographer. This isn’t you on the other end of a selfie stick. This is a booked session with a professional photographer who can guide you in your choice of makeup, hairstyle, and attire for your professional photo shoot.

A Well-Tailored Wardrobe is Essential

While working, you always want to be wearing attire that is well-tailored, flattering, and stylish. You don’t need to be “on-trend” unless that’s your way. However, you want to avoid looking “dated.”

For men, at least pay attention to current tie-widths and pants styling. For women, follow business fashion, not necessarily couture fashion. The decision to wear a skirt suit or a pantsuit for women is entirely up to you; it’s the cut and fabric quality that matter most.

Dressing well sets you up for success, as clients will see that as an indicator that you do well. Clients will transfer this belief into confidence in your skills as a mortgage broker.

Well-Heeled Deportment is the Icing on the Cake

Your behavior is at least as important as being well-groomed and dressing well. You needn’t be as formal as a character in Downton Abbey, but a certain level of formalness will help convey your seriousness about your profession.

The little courtesies that often fall by the wayside in a casual environment stand out as exceedingly polite when you practice them in your interactions with clients. For instance, always stand when a lady enters the room. Ask permission or excuse yourself when you must take a call. Hold yourself up; don’t slump. Address people by their title and last name unless invited to be on a first-name basis. Look people in the eye and maintain an even temperament during conversations. Avoid extremes in mood and emotions.

When you utilize these tips, you and your office will distinguish yourself as a consummate professional who is trustworthy, reliable, and capable consummate professional. And in the end, that’s exactly what real estate clients are looking for.