As a broker, you’re always looking to grow your business. Referrals are one of the top ways brokers can generate more leads that convert to sales. If you’re looking to get more referrals from your real estate network, try the following seven strategies.

1. Get Active In Your Community

Chances are you’re probably already mingling within your community, but why not kick up your involvement a notch or two? The more visible you are in your territory, the more familiar you’ll become as a trusted individual in your real estate network. Sponsor a charity event, attend Chamber of Commerce meetings, attend real estate seminars, go to industry meetups, and other organized gatherings where like-minded people congregate.

2. Advertise Areas of Specialty

Most brokers are full-service real estate professionals, but to build out your niches and generate more leads, strive to advertise any areas of specialty you possess. For instance, if you work near a military installation, market your agency as a military real estate specialist. Do you work in a coastal or other vacation-oriented destination where property management is common? If so, market your agency as specialists who both sell and manage vacation rentals.

3. Established a Strong LinkedIn Presence

While it’s good to establish a strong presence on social media in general, if you want to grow your reputation in your real estate network, invest energy on LinkedIn. Here you’ll connect with other professionals who either work in real estate or alongside them. Leave reviews of other businesses, engage in conversations. Be sure to continuously develop these connections and you’ll see your brokerage grow alongside your blossoming relationships.

4. Create Buzzworthy Events

Create goodwill events that people will appreciate. Host a picnic for a local sports team, sponsor a movie night, or invite like-minded professionals to a happy hour at your office. People tend to remember and talk about these types of activities.

5. Refer Other Professionals

Know any gold-standard professionals in the area? Think insurance agents, title specialists, lenders, contractors, and others. Start referring top-quality services to your clients. Chances are many of these professionals will be appreciative and begin to reciprocate.

6. Use Automated Email Marketing

Automation is a smart way for brokers to expand their reach without needing to invest in manpower while still having the ability to maintain relationships. Let technology take over any standardized emails, giving you more time to focus on sending personal emails to those in your real estate network and cultivating relationships.

7. Share Information for Free

Investing time in sharing helpful or interesting information people will appreciate. Think monthly newsletters, eBooks, quarterly housing market reports, or podcasts. These initiatives can help you build your reputation as a trusted individual. If you can offer insight into the local market or economic conditions, you can also position yourself as a thought leader in your community. Establishing yourself as a reliable, trusted, and thoughtful broker is going to generate buzz around your agency and business growth will follow.

Brokers have a strong ability to position themselves as a prominent business in their communities, but it does take effort. However, the energy invested does pay off over time.