As a real estate agent or mortgage broker, the success of your career is at least partially dependent upon building solid relationships with lenders and other mortgage brokers. If you don’t have these people on your side, it can be hard to make it in the real estate business. As you move through your career, you’ll find that these are the people who can help you get closer to your goals and help you to earn a good reputation with your clients. The following are a few things to know in order to keep a positive relationship with them.

Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Just as you depend upon lenders and mortgage brokers to help with your business, they, in turn, can prosper when you help to steer clients in their direction. Consider nurturing your relationship with fellow mortgage brokers and lenders with referrals when it makes sense to do so. The result will be a mutually beneficial relationship that everyone feels good about.

Build a Network Together

By working together with lenders and fellow mortgage brokers, you can reach more potential clients and build a stronger, shared network. Help each other out by recommending lawyers, contractors, accountants, and other useful local connections you know and trust to one another.

You could also co-host or co-sponsor local events such as conferences, seminars, charitable endeavors, Chamber of Commerce meetings, trade shows, and more.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the work that you forget to keep the lines of communication open with lenders and mortgage brokers. It’s all too easy to let a relationship wither just because the phone calls cease or the texts and emails stop. One of the easiest ways to build a good relationship and then keep it going is simply to check in on a regular basis with your colleagues. This may mean a quick call to ask how business is going, a postcard in the mail to notify them of an interesting upcoming event, or an email asking if their son or daughter got accepted into the university of their choice. Simple gestures like these help to keep communication lines open and, in turn, serve to solidify long-term relationships.

Consider Co-Marketing

If you want to work with lenders or brokers you haven’t worked with before, a great way to do this is to make it easier for them to do business.

Co-marketing is also a great way to make yourself more valuable to the industry workers you already know. It can take many forms, including printed materials, or simply appearing together behind the same table at trade shows and events. Not only does it help present a solid front to potential clients, but it is mutually beneficial for you and your fellow real estate professionals.

Getting ahead today is all about collaboration, and it’s no different in the real estate business. For more information about sealing real estate deals in NH, MA, and RI, contact Simple Title today!