If you haven’t started using Instagram yet, you’re in for a surprise. Did you know that nearly 40% of Instagram users have large amounts of disposable income? That bodes well for ambitious real estate agents like you. Instagram is a deep well of real estate leads like none you have encountered before. Before heading to Instagram to make your page, here are some helpful tips to ensure you make the biggest splash possible:

1. Don’t Mix Business Page With Personal Page

First, if you’re already using Instagram for personal use, you don’t want to use that for your real estate business. Set up a business Instagram page for that. That means opening up an Instagram Professional Account. (Don’t worry, it’s free!)

2. Do Your Market Research

Instagram has a free analytics tool to help you view engagement stats and data on your Instagram posts. Spend some time with the tool to familiarize yourself with it, and then use it every time you post to inform your future Instagram posts.

3. Use High-Res Images

Instagram is highly visual, similar to Pinterest. Put your best foot forward with high-resolution images. If you aren’t familiar with high-res images, spend some time educating yourself about them.

4. Use Soft Sell

People on Instagram don’t like being sold to, so you’ll want to use a soft-sell technique. For now, just post fun, interesting information about you, your work, and your region. If people become interested in buying or selling where you operate, they will direct message (DM) you.

5. Put User Experience First

Try not to make your Instagram all about you; put the user experience first. This means posting information that will be helpful to buyers and sellers. Certainly, incorporate your experience and knowledge, but not in an overt manner.

6. Use a Professional Bio Picture

Think about investing in a professional photo shoot, where your looks can be highlighted. You’d be amazed what proper lighting can do for a picture. Of course, you could also try to do a selfie and use filters at home, but for a professional real estate Instagram page, it’s worth going the extra mile with a professional photographer.

7. Make Use of Instagram Filters

Speaking of filters, Instagram has a lot of beautiful and interesting photo filters to choose from. These filters can make the property images you post look very appealing! Make use of them in a subtle way. Remember, don’t stray too far from what the property looks like in person. You don’t want your clients to be let down by the actual life image!

8. Post Often

Posting on Instagram is like a part-time job. You should be posting regularly so you don’t lose the interest of your audience. Consider daily posting or weekly if your schedule is too busy for daily Instagram activity.

With these tips, there will be no stopping you on Instagram! Over time, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a real estate Instagram page! Contact us for more!