You might be looking for a new home because of a work transfer, because it’s time to upgrade to a larger home, or because you’re ready to purchase your first home and get out of that apartment. Before you even start looking for a home, you need to decide where you will live. Then, you need to make sure you qualify for a mortgage. Obtaining prequalification lets you know how much house you can afford, which means that you can narrow your choices by the neighborhood you want to live in. Some of the hottest trending New England neighborhoods are right in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Franklin, Mass.

This smaller town has several colleges and offers tons of activities. Whether you are into sports, such as ice hockey, or prefer something a little more tame, such as yoga, Franklin has something for everyone. Additionally, the town has significant historical value in that it was named after Benjamin Franklin and is home to the first public library established in the United States.

East Merrimack, NH

If you’re looking for waterfront property, you might find exactly what you are looking for in East Merrimack. The town sits on the Merrimack River and features residential and commercial development. When you want a higher standard of living for more affordable prices, you’ll find what you want in this town. Professionals and people raising a family will enjoy everything East Merrimack has to offer, including plenty of leisure activities and amenities.

Rockport, Mass.

At just a hop, skip and a jump from Boston and bordering Gloucester, the seaside town of Rockport offers whale watching, beaches, parks, and plenty of exploring along the coast, including islands, coves, and bays. Between the amenities in the town, plus more in Boston and Gloucester, you won’t find a more convenient place to raise a family.

Londonderry, NH

The small town of Londonderry has plenty of work opportunities for the working family, yet is low on crime and has a strong school system, so it’s also perfect for raising a family. Enjoy the many attractions the town has to offer, including Macks Apples, Moonlight Meadery and Stonyfield Farm.

Newton, Mass.

When you want the big city but want clean, suburban living, Newton is perfect. You get all the big city shopping and amenities just minutes away, but you get to live in a charming neighborhood. Newton also has great public schools. And, if you prefer to work closer to home, rather than commute, this town has plenty of work opportunities.

Buying Your Dream Home

Once you find your dream home and the seller accepts your offer, it’s time to find a closing company. Simple Closing Title & Escrow, PLLC has offices in Salem, NH, and Danvers and Worcester, MA, which means that it is close and convenient to your new home in the hottest trending neighborhoods in New England. Recommend us to your real estate agent or call us to set up an appointment to close on your new home.