Mortgage brokers have been busy this year with so many people interested in buying homes, but market conditions can easily end up changing. As a lender, you should make sure you’ll always have a steady stream of clients coming to you for funding to purchase a home. Establishing good relationships with real estate agents on a regular basis is a highly effective way to do this. How can you meet new real estate agents and build a professional relationship with them? Use the following tips to help you get started.

1. Build a Local Presence

Rather than casting a wide net in your state or nationally, focus on establishing a presence in your local community. Real estate agents typically look for local mortgage brokers who are familiar with the market in their area. They might also consider your ability to meet with buyers in person to be another advantage over national mortgage brokers. You can begin building this presence by becoming affiliated with real estate organizations and associations in your area.

2. Think Creatively About Communication

If you haven’t had luck making cold calls or sending emails to new real estate agents, come up with more creative ways to reach out. For example, you might have better luck communicating with these agents online, such as sharing their posts. You can also check for in-person or virtual networking events in your area that provide you with opportunities to meet real estate agents.

3. Focus on Your Online Presence

Building your presence online can help you find and interact with real estate agents in your area. You can do this in several ways, such as doing regular posts on social media that encourage real estate agents to respond and interact with you. Your social media presence offers a chance to get the attention of real estate agents by sharing your knowledge and expertise on the lending side of the home buying process. This lets real estate agents know that you’re experienced with handling mortgage loans in your local area.

4. Host Networking Events

You don’t have to wait for local or virtual events in order to network with real estate agents. You can host your own networking events that allow you to meet with agents in your area. Consider setting up a virtual event that provides a benefit for real estate agents, such as acting as a sponsor for their training classes. This gives you a chance to meet new real estate agents while also offering a valuable service to them.

5. Research Local Agents

Do some research on local real estate agents to find out more about the clientele they typically work with or other factors about their business. Look for factors that might provide you with an opportunity to let them know about a niche product you offer. For example, you might focus on finding real estate agents who mainly help clients looking for luxury homes or those who assist commercial property buyers.

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