When you are buying a home or piece of real estate property, there are a number of things that you need to think about, ranging from where you want to live to what your budget is to to whom you’ll turn for lending services and more. While these things may all sound obvious, there are many critical other things that you will need to do as well to ensure that your best interests are protected. One of these things is performing a title search.

What’s a Title Search?

A title search is the investigation of the title of a piece of property in order to confirm that the seller has the rights to sell the property. Not only does a title search ensure that the seller indeed has the legal right to sell, but it also checks to make sure that there are no other encumbrances, such as a lien against the property.

Why a Title Search Matters

Title problems are more common than they may seem, and often times, a title search turns up a title issue. Some of the most common title issues include errors in public records, illegal deeds, liens against a property, forged documents, easements, boundary disputes, or missing heirs. Most of the time, sellers are completely unaware that there are any title defects, and are caught off guard when a title issue appears. Sometimes, the matter is as simple as making a correction to the public record; other times, the issue is complicated enough that the seller really does not have the legal right to sell the property, and therefore the real estate transaction cannot proceed.

If a title search is not performed and a real estate transaction is finalized, the buyer may be negatively impacted. To be sure, the buyer may “buy” a property that they really have no legal rights to, or a buyer may buy a property that has a lien against it, with this issue falling into the buyer’s lap.

Performing a Title Search

The best way to perform a title search is to hire a title search company or experienced attorney. At Simple Title Closing & Escrow PLLC, our talented team, which includes practicing lawyers, can conduct a dependable, accurate title search on your behalf. Our title searches are fast, thorough, and accurate, and we look at all elements of a title, including chain of title, tax searches, possession, judgements, and more. If there is an issue with a title, we can advise you regarding how to proceed with your real estate transaction. In addition to a title search, we also offer title insurance services.

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You should never purchase property in Danvers or elsewhere in Massachusetts without performing a thorough title search first. At Simple Title Closing & Escrow PLLC, we know what steps to take to ensure a title is clear before you proceed. For a consultation where you can learn more about our Massachusetts title services, please contact us online or by phone today.