Be it that this is the purchase of your starter home, the purchase of your dream home, the downsizing of your current home or pulling equity from your home to finance an addition or new kitchen, the process can be an exciting time and a stressful one as well. For both buyers, sellers and borrowers alike, the process can be an overwhelming and taxing time. Furthermore, each transaction may be very complex, and since there may be deposit money on the line, you should have your closing team behind you protecting your interest throughout the process.

There are numerous steps to the closing process, which is one of the reasons that working with an experienced closing attorney who knows how to navigate the process is so important. Various items you’re sure to encounter during your closing process include:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements – Understanding the purchase and sale agreement can be quite confusing. It is vital whether you are buying or selling that you know the key points of the purchase and sales agreement, which our office can walk you through during the review process.
  • Title and Title Insurance – To buy or not to buy? Title insurance provides protection for lenders and homebuyers against potential losses from title issues that may arise. These issues can include forgery, unknown title-holders, fraud and liens – all issues that can limit the new homeowner’s use and enjoyment of the property, which may not be attainable at the time the title examination is done.
  • TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule – Also known as TRID. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) expect to see a closing disclosure (referred to commonly as CD) at the closing table, which is a document that lists, in detail, the specifics of your mortgage loan and repayment plan.  This is the same CD that your lender would have disclosed to you at least three days before closing.

Working with a closing attorney is wise and helps to protect your interests.

If you are closing on property, you need an experienced professional on your side. At Simple Title Closing & Escrow PLLC, we are here to help you during the process. As such, we have the experience and the detailed knowledge you’re looking for.

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